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A Guide to Safely Buying Jewelry Online

16/05/2021 | MICHAEL AZAR


A Guide to Safely Buying Jewelry Online

Buying fine jewelry from an online jewelry store can be a wonderful thing.

It gives you access to a wider selection of pieces from a larger pool of designers. Not to mention competitive prices for options that would’ve cost you thousands — even millions — if you bought it from a physical store.

Despite all these benefits, however, there are certain things you need to watch out for in online designer jewelry stores.

  • Legitimacy.

    Is this company really who they say they are? To verify, check their about page, contact previous customers, or check online review boards to see what other people have to say about this store. Read carefully through every line provided on their website and watch out for misspellings, poor grammar, and inconsistent information.

  • Check for Website Security.

    Secure websites have SSL certification, making it safe for customers to conduct transactions with a seller online. Your web browser will display on the top-left corner a lock icon if the website you’re on has SSL certification. Otherwise, it will just say “Not Secure.”

  • Proper Licensing and Authorization.

    Before buying designer jewelry and accessory online, make sure that the seller you’re transacting with is a registered and certified retailer.

  • Reliable and Secure Services

    If you’re searching for reliable and high-quality jewelry and custom design, look no further than Jewelry Cafee.

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