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Golden Rules for Buying Jewelry That You Can Wear

03/01/2022 | MICHAEL AZAR


Golden Rules for Buying Jewelry That You Can Wear


Gift-giving season is approaching and you might have thought of buying gifts that have lasting value for your loved ones. You might also be thinking about gifting yourself with some expensive pieces for a job well done this year. Whatever the case, jewelry is a good place to start.

Family members, especially parents and grandparents, enjoy receiving pieces of jewelry as gifts. They might want 14k gold rings and earrings or silver watches. But the more important question is which jewelry to buy that you or the receiver can actually use or wear?

Some of the golden rules when buying jewelry include

  • It’s Nice to Look At

    If you are buying jewelry as a gift or as an investment, be sure that it is something you’d enjoy keeping and wearing. Consider designer jewelry and accessories.

  • Value of Design vs. Material

    You would want to consider the value of the jewelry. Of course, design is as important, but its value should somehow equate with how it looks.

  • Precious Metal Prices Are Volatile

    Because jewelry is an investment, its value can fluctuate wildly. So, for long-term use, be sure to research the values, rates, and prices – present and future – of the pieces of jewelry you are planning on acquiring. Good value jewelry can be passed on as a family heirloom, and you would want to keep the value high. Quality jewelry and custom design jewelry can fit in the heirloom category.

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