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The Jewelry That Does Not Tarnish

30/12/2021 | MICHAEL AZAR


The Jewelry That Does Not Tarnish

The act of buying or acquiring jewelry can either be an asset or a liability. Genuine classes of jewelry are expensive, and some people immediately treat them as prized belongings and assets. But if you do not know how to choose the right kind of jewelry, you might just be wasting money.

Be sure to choose jewelry that does not tarnish and turn black after a few months of purchasing. Of course, we all want minimal maintenance, a reasonable price, and high quality. Whether you are going for gold and diamond jewelry or other kinds, be sure to check its properties well with your jeweler.

Why does jewelry tarnish? Metals like silver, copper, and nickel that are usually mixed with gold oxidize change color when they are exposed to sweat, air, makeup, and other chemicals. Pure gold doesn’t tarnish or turn color. Pure silver also does not normally react to the atmosphere but it slowly reacts to the sulfur in the air, which may result in silver sulfide that appears as a dark or black tarnish on your silver jewelry. Fortunately, our designer jewelry store offers pristine and genuine jewelry.

So, if you are planning to buy pure gold and silver jewelry, be sure to check out our shop. We offer quality jewelry and custom design. The top choices for jewelry that does not tarnish include 18k gold, 18k white gold, and 18k rose gold. For minimal rusting without buying pure gold, you can choose 14k gold-filled, 14k white gold-filled, and 14k rose gold-filled. There are also more affordable options if you’re on a budget. These include gold vermeil, rhodium-plated sterling silver, and rose gold vermeil.

To know more about jewelry, call Jewelry Cafee. We have high-quality designer jewelry and accessories.

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